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Colorado Prescription Drug Formulary and Pricing Transparency Tool

About This Transparency Tool

When you're looking for a health insurance plan to meet your needs, there are no easy ways to see which insurance companies cover your Rx medications and at which tier. The only way to do that is by finding and searching the formulary for each insurance company. We've conveniently listed these sources in the "Formulary Source Data" section on this page.

Compare All The Formularies At Once!

We've combined all of those formularies into one database. Simply enter the name of your medication without dosage to match it against the formularies of most individual/family health insurance carriers in Colorado - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Health, Cigna, Denver Health Medical Plan, Kaiser, and Rocky Mountain Health Plans. (currently missing Colorado Choice Health Plans).

Results are conveniently sorted by tier. tier info

Helpful Retail Pricing Information by GoodRx

GoodRx retail pricing will display below the formulary results if there is a match in their database. Knowing the retail prices helps to prioritize medications. You won't want to pay $50/month extra for an insurance plan with a $20 copay on a $12 medication. If you have any questions, please let us know.

For GoodRx sample retail pricing information, include the full name of the medication exactly as listed without dosage.